Graphic Design Programs Online

If you want to get into graphic design but you dont time to go to classes, there are programs that will let you study online.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online division offers a bachelors degree and an associate degree in graphic design. In both degree programs you learn graphics software and electronic imaging. As you learn, you complete a portfolio that you can present at job interviews. They also offer a web design diploma, which will teach you how to create websites with graphics software. Their website is

The International Academy of Design and Technology has several campuses, and they also have an online college. They offer a bachelors degree and an associate degree in graphic design. They concentrate on keeping students current with new trends in industry. Their website is

Westwood College offers an online associate degree in graphic design and multimedia. They can prepare you to work in advertising, web design, or even production management. Their website is

Some people worry that they wont get enough help in online classes. But students can email instructors and hold class discussions online. They also often have access to tutoring.

A big advantage of online classes is that you can work at your own pace. If things come up, such as overtime at work or illness, you dont have to worry about falling behind. You can still complete the classwork for your degree.

Should you get a bachelors degree or an associate degree? With a bachelors degree youll learn more skills and qualify for more job openings. But you can finish an associate degree faster and be out in the workforce sooner.

If you really want to study graphic design, online classes are worth looking into.

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