Fashion Design Programs

There is a lot more about a fashion design program than a lot of people think. Its more than just drawing and sewing. Sure, a person should know how to sew and draw, but there are a lot of other disciplines involved in making a really beautiful piece of clothing. Patterns have to be made, fabric has to be cut precisely, the pieces have to be sewn together neatly, and then the work has to be draped on a mannequin and fully assembled. The fashion design program teaches students more than drawing; students are taught how to communicate as well. Many fashion design programs even include foreign language requirements, because fashion is such a globally powered field. It is also important to learn how to communicate to models, sewers, other designers, etc. Making a piece of clothing is more than a one person job. There is a whole chain of people that each performs different parts of assembling a piece of clothing. If a designer cant communicate his or her intentions to those that are helping him turn his idea into a physical product, the designer will never be able to turn dreams into reality.

When students graduate from the fashion design program they will find that a designer very rarely assembles one piece of clothing by themselves. The idea of the fashion design program is to show the student all of the parts that go into making a piece of clothing so that the budding designer can understand all of the intricacies of the process. Understanding the jobs of everybody else that youll work with will make it easier for the designer to convey ideas and work as part of a team driven towards one goal: turning the idea of the designer into a real piece of clothing sold in stores.

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